Night Sky

I have carefully selected a few Night Sky photos which look absolutely fab mounted on a wall. For sure they are full of impact and will be the subject of many a conversation. Thanks for looking and do get in touch with any questions.

There are a number of printing/framing options:-

Retro Canvas is a fresh approach to personalised wall design. The Premium canvas is printed with Night Sky artwork and stretched between two elegant wooden bars. A timeless, versatile interior design solution that will bring some retro charm to any living space.

Traditional Canvas on a slim and elegant hand-assembled 2cm stretcher frame, made from FSC-certified timber.

Moon Shadow

Retro canvas - £14.99 (+postage) 

Canvas print - £19.99 (+postage)

Size 30 x 20 cm

The crescent moon showing movement in the night sky. This unique image looks like the moon shooting across the sky at speed

This is a real bespoke piece of work.


Retro canvas - £14.99 (+postage) Size 30 x 20 cm

Canvas print - £19.99 (+postage) Size 30 x 20 cm

Canvas print - £29.99 (+postage) Size 40 x 30 cm

This amazing image captures every moon phase (from crescent to full) over a 2 week period in a single month.  It shows all moon phases from the  first crescent captured through to the final full Supermoon (Pink moon) captured n April 2021.

Available in colour or monochrome.

Moon Set

Retro canvas - £14.99 (+postage) 

Canvas print - £19.99 (+postage)

Size 30 x 20 cm

Crescent moon sequence setting in the night sky. This multiple exposure shows seven crescent moons in a single image capturing the setting sequence over a period of 10 minutes.

A lovely piece of lunar art.

Stars and Meteor

Retro canvas - £27.99 (+postage) 

Canvas print - £29.99 (+postage)

Size 40 x 30 cm

Startrail and meteor in the night sky above a majestic horse chestnut tree. Six hours of Earth spinning above the conker capturing a natural sight the eye cannot see in a single moment.

A truly unique piece of night sky art.

Moon Art 

Retro canvas - £14.99 (+postage)

Canvas print - £19.99 (+postage)

Size 30 x 20 cm

A different take on a normal night sky object, the moon. This photo captures the crescent moon using a number of different camera art filters.

A very striking piece of lunar art.

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I will confirm, by return, cost and payment options. 

Many thanks. Mark

Night Sky Wall Art Gallery