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Colours of the Moon

Colours of the Moon

Colours of the Moon. An interesting perspective of a normal monochrome subject.

Taken me 7 years to put this together & which includes a smashing array of lunar phases with an abundance of colour. It includes, supermoon, blue moon, lunar eclipse and waning/waxing phases. The only 2 which colour was added post production are the top left (some features on the moon there are tiny differences in the hues of the various greys of the surface, as there are many different geological formations composed of different minerals. These mineral colours can be represented and enhanced afterwords by digital processing which allow us to see it) and row 2 middle blue moon (colour added to depict the name given for 2 full moon in 1 calendar month). All other colours are natural as the moon rises through pollution layers in atmosphere.

All images captured with Olympus E-system cameras & 90-250mm lens

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