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Tornado Montage

Tornado Montage

Updated 02 June 2013 - dedicate to fellow veteran stormchasers Tim Samaras, his son Paul and fellow chaser Carl Young who tragically were killed chasing the El Reno, Oklahoma tornado on Fri 31 May 2013. They lost their lives pursuing their dreams and goals, inspiring many. Advanced warning of Tornadoes has reduced significantly over the years and its the work of guys like these that contributed to saving the lives of many others. Tim was driving the lead vehicle on this Harper tornado storm chase, in front of us. A fitting tribute to Tim, Paul & Carl.

This truly unbelievable photo montage is unique. It shows a minute by minute capture of a long lived tornado from cradle to grave. Never before has such a beautiful duration event been photo catalogued in such detail. This amazing event was captured n Kansas 2004. I positioned and watched the tornado develop in front of my eyes and then give chase till it died. It was a truly some experience, probably never to be repeated again.

This photo montage documents the entire tornado from its birth through the funnel stage to its mature tornado stage and finally its roped out deterioration. For the record first funnel sighted 1920 hrs. Tornado touchdown 1925hrs. Tornado dissipation (rope stage) 1945 hrs. Tornado on ground for exactly 20 minutes. Bear in mind the average tornado only last seconds or a few minutes then you appreciate the intensity and unique nature of this event. I was truly humbled. All captured with Olympus E1 and various lenses.

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