Linkhouse farm CL site, Northumberland

19th June 2021. Next on the adventure destination list is Northumberland. It's been a long wait and a place I have been so looking forward to visit. In particular looking forward to the Nature Reserves, Farne Islands and the golden beaches. Northumberland did not disappoint!


So, what's new on the Eriba kit list this time? There is always something that gets added to the 'next trip' shopping list!  Outside shower..... well a bag really! Shower facilities inside the Eriba are limited so we wanted a quick wash off solution for the outside. A portable solar shower bag was the solution. Only £22 and slung over my camera tripod provided a good solution to rinsing off after sea and sand days :-) Nothing else invested.

The journey was a long one, just over 4hrs targeted and with a stop we did in 4.5 so happy with that. Quite an easy run, albeit long. M1, A1. No fellow Eribas on the journey, which did surprise, but lots of other caravans.

Arrive & Explore

As we pulled into Linkhouse Farm and snaked onto the small field (CL site) it was another wow moment. What a view and a perfect pitch. In the corner, overlooking wild fields full of horses and nothing but sand dunes and the sea beyond that. We were very happy :-) 

We fixed, levelled and set about putting all our living creature comforts in place before sitting down with a nice brew. I was itching to get out beyond the sand dunes and see the coast. It was a pleasant 5min walk from the caravan.    

Untitled photo

The brief walk to the beach was super quick and easy, snaking through the farm with horses lazing in fields, loads of wild fowl roaming free range (fab to see), wildflowers filling the open landscape and there are also 2 resident peacocks on site.

We soon joined the footpath which lead through the dunes towards the sea. It was one of those moments, just like coming out of a tunnel. Holy wow, what a beach! Tide was out and the vast golden sands stretched out as far as the eye could see. Hardly a soul around too. If this was Cornwall or Devon the beach would have been rammed.  I said to Deb this is probably one of the finest beaches we have seen in the UK. What a jewel! I'll let the photos do the talking :-)

Seahouses & Farnes

First full day and on the road to Seahouses. Only a 10 min drive, parking easy enough right on seafront, overlooking Farne islands. I was really surprised how close the Farnes are from the mainland. 

We wandered down towards the harbour and it was full of booths selling boat trips to the Farnes, cruises to see birds, seal trips and more. Keen to get on a trip (and very busy they were too) we booked a trip there and then via Billy Shiel's boat trips. They allowed dogs and the midday trip was not overly busy. Perfect!

A quick walk around the town, nosy around a few shops (including buying a new cap, the one i'd forgot to bring!) and we were standing in line for the trip. There was another dog in our group and once on board we found a great private spot at the bow next to the skippers cabin, which gave us good views forward and aft.

It wasn't long before we se sail out the harbour. Within minutes we were seeing birds all over the sea, diving, playing and filling the water as well as sky. This was going to be something special, I could feel it! As we sailed towards Farne, the impressive Bamburgh castle rose from the sand dunes majestically into the blue skies. Wow, this was also on our 'must visit' list. 

The Farne islands soon became larger and the wildlife became intense. The air and water soon filled with gulls, adorable puffins, guillemots, arctic terns and seals nestling on the rocks. The boat toured round all the islands and kept pulling over near to the shore allowing plenty of photo opportunity. I was busy, and so was Deb with her Olympus camera. Between us we must have taken thousands of pics. I have never seen anything like this in the UK, we could have been in the Galapagos! How have we never been here before? What an amazing place.

The trip lasted 1.5hrs, plenty of time to soak it all in and enjoy the experience. Aurora spent most of the trip sleeping under a bench. She was brilliant (although did wonder whether it was doggy sea sickness). Having said that the sea was like glass, very calm.

Once again I'll let the photos do the talking.

Bamburgh Castle (round 1) & Lindisfarne

After a fabulous day visiting the Farnes the next day sees us travelling a bit further up the coast towards Bamburgh Castle. Not much further and only another 10 mins past Seahouses.

Back at the farm

The wildlife and fauna at the site we were pitched at (Linkhouse Farm) was amazing. It was a real wilding place. All the nature and wildlife were at one and very much a free range environment. It was common to walk into wild flowers as easy as horses, guinea fowl, chickens, ducks and peacocks! If you love your nature and wildlife this is a fab site.

Low Newton on-the-sea

The next day saw some fab weather, clear blue skies and very warm. The plan was to go snorkelling today. Firstly to a recommended rocky beach on the north side of Beadnell Bay. Lovely place and beach, but it was a bit too choppy as the wind was blowing head on! We stayed here a short while, took it all in (including seeing a heron nesting) and then headed to our plan B destination, another local bay called Low Newton. A 5min drive from our site (could have walked to be honest but too hot for the dog). What an amazing place. Will I will get bored of repeating this phrase? So far it appears in every Northumberland destination.

Bamburgh Castle (Inside)

The next day saw us visit Bamburgh castle (again). Although this time we were wiser and purchased tickets online to ensure access inside.

Final morning beach n depart

There is too much to see and do in Northumberland for a 5 day visit. We need to come back for sure. Our last morning involved packing up and a final walk onto the Beadnell Bay beach before the long 4hr drive home.

Goodbye Northumberland, its been a blast & we'll be back...hasta la vista!

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