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Autumn is here and once again it's time to venture out and about our Staycation island. The Eriba is again hosting and we are keen to keep travelling whilst the weather is still mild and fine. In fact, we do hope to keep going right though the winter, weather permitting. When you invest in a travel machine why keep it locked up for 6 months of the year? Some of the best photogenic scenery is during the Autumn & Winter, so bring it on :-)

This time we are heading East to the wonderful Norfolk coast, based at a CL site called Foxhills, just outside Sheringham (Between Holt and Cromer). A fab part of the country. Friday to Sunday so a brief weekend trip and lots to cram in.

All packed and Aurora (our lovely husky) alongside we are good to go. Route planner giving 3 hrs, so I'll take that at caravan speed. Whilst talking about route planners, that's another piece of kit to invest in.  Probably one of the most important too! Don't rely on Google maps or iPhone maps with a caravan in tow....you'll end up down a road which is impassible! After a bit of online research CoPilot was the one. Downloadable on the phone as an app, this software is very good indeed. Firstly it allows you to put all the specs of your car/caravan (width, length, weight etc) and then it selects only the route that can accommodate this. It's mostly the main Motorways/A roads and which may take a short while longer than the quickest car only route, BUT it takes away the stress of wondering whether you'll actually get down that road your on. Best 25 quid I've spent (annual).

Ready for take off!

After negotiating the A14 eastwards, A605, A47 to Kings Lynn, following the A149/148 towards Cromer, turning back on ourself through Sheringham, just past Weybourne and 3 hours later we were right on cue arriving at our CL site - Foxhills.

A nice open site, walking distance from the sea, and a sheltered (trees) CL area (5 pitch max). Our pitch, named Dove, was nestled right in the corner of some trees and we even had a view of the sea. That'll do nicely!

Shortly after landing, the Eriba was levelled and set with awning not far behind. The Kampa pop air 365 is so much quicker to set up, an expensive but worthwhile investment. Before you know it the coffee was brewing and we were enjoying a 5 min sit down in the mild Norfolk air.

Set up & ready to roll

Right, lets explore! We donned walking boots, uttered the magic words "'walkies"  and Aurora was up like a shot :-) We headed off towards the coast. Straight out of site entrance and followed a simple trail. It meandered though some lovely woods, all starting to transform into fall colour, and followed the bracken laden path towards the sea. The walk/CL site backs onto to a good few acres of land which is owned by a military museum, Muckleburgh.  Littered with army & navy memorabilia, all working (Britain's largest working military collection apparently!). At some stage it must have been a military base of some sort. It was strange walking down a trail with the sea ahead, wetlands on one side and tanks and missile launchers the other!

20 mins later we hit the pebble beach and sea. It was blowing a bit and cloudy but dry. As soon as we scaled the pebble slope and hit the oncoming shore breeze....whoosh, take that. It was great to feel that salty sea air again :-)


Tank, guns & sea

Feeling very refreshed after hitting the sea air, we returned back to the Eriba for food and rest. A few cans of beer later, the Truma gas fire ticking over (nice n toasty) we were ready for sleep. Aurora was spark out too!

Next morning, refreshed after a cracking sleep! I do love the comfy bed in the Eriba. Even better when there is no cat scratching you out of bed at silly o'clock! Quickly grabbed coffee and then out with Aurora for a walk down a public footpath opposite CL entrance (away from sea). Another fab trail to explore which was a tree lined walk through woods. Nothing lengthy as today we'd be hitting the car and exploring Sheringham, a mere 8 mins drive from the site.

One of the positive advantages of towing is having a car to travel around the local area, once pitched up. Many sites are located on bus routes, accommodating Motorhome travellers, which is fine, but nothing like having your own private taxi, especially with a dog in tow!

Sheringham was only a short 8 mins drive and we arrived late morning. Parking was no problem, a bit of google maps homework the night before and the Eplanade was our target. we arrived with plenty of available spaces, and they were free!

2 mins later we were on the promenade. Quite a vantage point too as there was a good drop to the lower promenade and beach. Perfect timing too, as we looked out over the Norfolk coast, the sunshine & clouds produced a spectacular rainbow. We were in a perfect position so I started shooting with the Olympus E-M1. Deb was snapping away too with an older E-M5.  Blue skies, power showers, the sea and rainbows.....a perfect landscape scene!

Sheringham Rainbows

Spent the next few hours wandering up and down the promenade grabbing some fab coastal pics. We then headed to the busier High Street area, with a plethora of shops. Deb loved it it, Aurora hated it! It was a pleasant town and may bespoke shops and bars/drinking establishments. It was busy too! It might be October but boy lots of people still filling the street, regardless of Covid and safe distancing. By now appetite was calling so fish n chips was order of the day. It was good too, accompanied with a pot of curry sauce....bliss. The weather turned too, for the better. Clouds disappeared and clear skies saw the remainder of the day out. We were perfectly located, and the only part of UK seeing good weather :-)

Legs tired, bellies full & Aurora had enough we pushed back to car and the site.  Sheringham was fun and really enjoyed the place.

Sheringham fun

Sunday, another comfy n cosy night in ET saw the sunrise and early morning walk in the woods. A bit further afield today, 15 mins drive ;-) saw us in Cromer. No free car parking here but a huge pay per hour job. Great location mind, overlooking the sea and right on the coastal path. The car park was popular with motorhomes too as there was an area designated for those big jobbies! I did read a story online about a motorhome that got locked in (barrier went down) after a certain time resulting in a 4 hour wait until the Council official finally let them out! Moral of the story, don't take the piss!

Once again the weather was great, lots of blue sky and fab storm clouds, which made for more great seascape shots. as we walked down the coast path, towards the pier and main central area, it certainly felt quite dated. Didn't get the same vibe as per Sheringham. As we approached the pier I thought wow. Something very nostalgic about piers, takes you back to childhood days when seaside trips were rare, special and walking along a pier was so cool.

Grabbed a few per shots from above and was treated to some real cool convective clouds in the ocean background. We headed straight down to the pier and on it we sprang. Half expected to pay an entrance fee but pleasantly (and rightly) it was fee and open. It was busy too, so we followed the one way system and navigated its full length and back. Enjoyed that :-)

We then headed back into the central shopping area. Nothing much to shout home about, a few decent places but we didn't stay long. Highlight was a cool gift shop that sold lots of caravan memorabilia/signs etc. Found a few that looked very Eriba lookey likey, so we obliged!   

Back to the car we headed.      


Back at the CL site mid afternoon and we were in pack up mode. Wanted to get away before dark so the awning was quickly packed and the Eriba readied for the road. We said our goodbyes to the site owners (thanking for hosting such a fab site, and we'd be back) and the lovely fellow Brummies in the motorhome next to us.

3pm we were on our way, heading west back to base. We landed at 6, just before dark and after bedding the caravan back on the drive, a quick unpack and a Balti take out, with a few beers saw the weekend off perfectly. Aurora was already in the land of zzzz.

Park and pack ET for the winter? Not a chance, looking forward to the next adventure already :-)

Photo Gallery of Norfolk trip is on my website  - Norfolk Gallery

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