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And we're off..... 3rd September 2020 a date to remember. The day we venture to Norfolk and pick up our new staycation lifestyle home from home.

Oh and just to add, another small kit addition :-) ....in the last few weeks we have upgraded the car!

Gone is Mazda 6 and in comes the Mazda CX-5. A simple trade in and now with 2.2 turbo diesel engine pulling power. Whilst the M6 was capable of a 1500kg towing capacity we just felt that bit of extra ooomph with the turbo diesel would be a better choice in the long term, giving us a 2000kg towing capacity.

The Eriba Troll comes in a just under 1000kg (a tad over by the time you have a travel few essentials loaded in it) so a good safety net in spare capacity.

One thing the CX-5 never had (unfortunately) was a towbar. So a bit of bargaining with the garage brought our price down just enough to fund the retro fit of a towbar.

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Tow bars!...who'd have thought getting a tow bar would be so difficult! Little did we know! With a few weeks window to a committed pick up for the Eriba the search began! Every one I emailed or called were either fully booked up or so expensive. It started to frustrate the hell out of me! Eventually found a local fitter whose price and service was excellent. Shout out to Darren at Rugby towbars who fitted a 13pin universal for 385 quid. Believe me that's an excellent price, some of the quotes I had were upwards of 700!

So, at last, off we go (after a morning finishing up some work), we set out in the new CX-5 and headed east down the A14. Destination was the Norfolk coast, just south of Cromer to meet our seller and Eriba specialist dealer Dom Fox. Dom came highly recommended (in Eriba circles) for his dedicated work on the Eriba family and specialist knowledge. Always good knowing a seller who knows his stuff!

Just under 3 hrs later, after negotiating the newly opened section of A14 at Cambridge (much quicker now btw!) and flirting with Norwich we pulled up at Dom's yard. As we pulled into the narrow entrance 2 Eribas greeted us on the drive. One was ours :-)

Deb & I could hardly hold our excitement as we pulled up. The dog was also gagging for a pee so we quickly walked that off. Dom marched over and welcomed us. Lovely chap and he set about the tour of our new home from home. We fell in love immediately. It looked a lot smaller outside than I imagined but when we got inside it was a real life tardis...it was huge, with loads of space.

Dom gave us the full tour and went through everything inside & out. I just knew I'd never remember it all but he was cool about calling or emailing should we have any questions. Little did I knew Dom was also a keen diver (who also ran a diving business years ago). Small world!

Another thing we never realised is that the Troll was a GT spec (even though it was not formally GT badged). Apparently Eriba stopped making GT versions in 2009 and resumed in 2014. The GT badge is given to Eribas with a higher spec, including smooth exterior skin, additional interior lighting, extra furnishing etc. Our version was fully GT spec and hence why we nicknamed ETGT for our hashtag social. :-) 

An hour or so later, after completing the paperwork we were towing our new Eriba Troll onwards. We had planned a trip before setting out, allowing us to stop and stay at a site for a few days on the way back. It was to be a good tester for our new acquisition. It's why we brought Aurora, our husky along, to see how she would like the experience!

Another hour, along the coast saw us at our very first Caravan Club Certificated Location (CL) site. Next stop Pentney Abbey!

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