Lyme Regis, East Devon

3rd - 18th July 2021. A two week touring adventure of Devon.

How exciting, a full fortnight with our Eriba ET exploring the North and East Devon coast. The first week sees us based in Ilfracombe at a CAMC site (Ilfracombe Club site). Shifting southbound in the second week based just outside Sidmouth at a CAMC site (Little Bulstone CL site). 

Sat 3rd July - We left home just before 0900hrs and targeted a 4hrs run to Ilfracombe, traffic permitting! A brief stop at Michaelwood services on the way ( a good place to access/accommodate caravans). Passed a whopping 6 fellow Eribas on the journey (all travelling in opposite direction). They must have heard we were coming!

We pulled onto the Ilfracombe Club site just after 1pm so happy with that. First impressions a nice looking site, not too busy and we had a good choice of pitches. Elevated so wind may be an issue so we chose a nice corner and sheltered spot away from the main busier area.

Took a while to level out as the corner plot had a bit of a slope and whilst not getting ET 100% level using the stabiliser legs it wasn't far off. After stretching the legs with a dog walk (on site) we chilled in the afternoon and watched the England v Ukraine match (Euros) on tv. reception was excellent :-)    


After a night of rain and next morning full of rain, and more rain, we waited! it broke in the afternoon so we drove the short run (15mins) to Ilfracombe. We parked up in a long stay at the foot of Hilsborough and walked the pleasant path towards the harbour. When the harbour appeared it was a fab sight. Full of boats, yachts and the giant of the harbour, Damien Hirst's 'Verity' statue keeping guard over the harbour entrance. 

Dodging the showers (which seemed to be the theme of this unsettled week) we made our way to the small sandy beach and let Aurora take a well deserved dip in the sea. Oh she just loves the cool water! We continued walking around the lovely harbour and passed the shops towards the Verity statue.  Along the harbour front were a number of stalls selling boat trips. One which took our fancy was a snorkelling tour to Lundy, swimming with the seals. It involved a full day trip and no dogs are allowed within 5miles of Lundy (never knew that!), which sort of ruled out Deb & I going together. We sat down on a bench overlooking the harbour, mulling over potential solutions to the problem. We wondered if there was a doggy day care in Ilfracombe? It wouldn't be cheap and along with the £90 per head trip cost proved a non-starter.

Step forward fate! Along came an elderly chap (Robert) with his dog called Moogie, he saw Aurora and stopped to chat as both dogs got along fine.  Turns out he is a fellow Brummie (living in Ilfracombe) and we immediately got on like a house on fire. We asked Robert if he knew a local doggy day care  we could use should we decide to go on the Lundy trip. He said "Yes I do, me and it wont cost you a penny!" we were so taken back with his kindness and generosity. Cut a long story short we booked the trip and walked back to the car with Robert, his dog and gave him a lift home, checking out his house. As I say, fate came along that day and we were looking forward to a seal snorkel extravaganza!              


Hilsborough Fort

After another wet and windier night (and which I removed the awning - just in case!) and looking forward to an unexpected Lundy trip we headed off to a place called Hilsborough Fort. We noticed the SW coast path and elevated section on our way back yesterday with some spectacular looking views over Ilfracombe and thought we must check it out.

I must admit we were still chewing the fat on leaving Aurora with a total stranger for the day. This hung on both our minds for the day!

We parked up in the car park outside Ilfracombe swimming pool, a perfect base to explore the coastal walk.

Hilsborough Fort