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The next adventure travelling in our Eriba (ET) takes us to a favourite destination on the Devon coast, Brixham.  Thursday Sept 10th, and just under 2 weeks leave to use. A bit wiser on the gear front and now fully prepared for our first real dedicated trip. A trip down the local caravan superstore (Jacksons of Arley) for supplies - one needs special loo roll for Cassette toilets you know, not the usual luxury 3 ply stuff used at home, but a biodegradable equivalent!, a new awning (Kampa pop air 365 - don't ask how much!) and the list grows after each trip!

One serious investment we really need is a mover - A motorised unit which sits in front of the caravan tyres and, once locked on, allow full control/manoeuvrability via a remote control. Pushing a caravan around (even a 100kg) light one, and Eribas are some of the lightest on the market, is no fun. Especially on a sloping drive. Too many hairy moments for my liking, so a mover is on its way, in time for the 2021 season I hope - Not cheap at 1100 quid!

We eventually got off the drive mid morning and we were on our way. ET on tour :-) The 4 hour journey, mainly M5 was good. Not too heavy traffic and we passed a few fellow Eriba's en route, with the obligatory wave recognition!

Rather than recite the next week's activity, word for word I will bullet point daily events :-)

Shiny ET - ready to roll!

Day 1 Arrival - Ferry road disaster - took wrong turn before CL site access - Horrid thoughts of getting ET stuck! Managed to find turning point. Oh the joys of towing!
Pitch No 99, no flake, no turning, maintenance man to rescue - we r buying a mover.
Sun canopy tested
Aerial fiasco. tv channel mare!
Day 2 Sunrise Awning erection 10 mins vs 3 hrs
Brixham town with dog
Harbour pub & nice food (1st pint of Rattler since lockdown!)
Debs fave shop
Pics of cruises in bay - QM1 & P&O
Aerial fixed - Millionaire winner on tv
Day 3  Sunrise
Water top up
Dog walk
Mansands beach walk
Aurora in sea
Couple intimacy ruined by wolf attack (Aurora went sniffing where she shouldn't!)
Debs loves litter picking on the beach!
Bird hide (youl'll know if you've been here!)
Steep hill walk ...I mean steep!
Back to site
Fish n chips (Tasty from CL site restaurant)
Aurora zzzzzzz
Day 4 Scabbacombe beach
Incredible walk to beach - scary hill
Helicopter hovering (reports of refugees) - Why the day we land!
Beautiful bay clear water
Sum tin wong refugees, they soon scarpered!
Settled down & felt overdressed - Nudist beach!
Deb swim in sea
Aurora swim in sea
Hot hot hot Burn burn burn
Back to site 4pm - Fajitas nom nom
TV aerial mare
Day 5 Spilt tea on bed - ouch.
Washing machine saga - 5000 steps later!
Hot today
Mansands beach - Few more people.
Aurora swim
ET slate (New sign)
Bought 25m aerial cable - TV signal at last! _ Most popular kit in club shop apparently! Bit sad.
Day 6 Still/hot, bit cloudier
Torquay trip
Dog ice cream - yes you read that right, ice cream for dogs! and Aurora loved it!
Deb donkey sculpture (don't ask!)
Beer n cake stop (as you do)
Brixham late afternoon
Aurora swim from jetty
Nice food - old warehouse pub
Pasties x4! (as you do)
Day 7 Beach day Scrabbacombe - More nudists!
Swim in sea for me!, cold yet refreshing
Sainsbury's local - beer stock up
Wind alert
No sleep wind blowing awning all night.
6am awning down
Day 8 Knackered, no sleep
Late start  Dartmouth Drive - foolishly went the long way round! - 1 bloody hour
Lucky to find parking spot!
Drinks & live music in town - nice! Dartmouth bit boring I thought.
5 min ferry back - why I didn't come over this wal never know!
Brixham afternoon
New blanket made from plastic! - fab idea

Goodbye Devon!

All photos from the trip are on my website gallery - Brixham trip

Brixham fun

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