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Photographer & OM SYSTEM Ambassador - Travel and adventure extremes - Seasoned Stormchaser - TV work - Prestigious exhibitions - Global media.

I specialise in Travel and Adventure extremes and currently live in south Leicestershire, UK.

I have a varied portfolio of photo subjects such as Night Sky/Astro, Extreme Weather, Aurora, Underwater World , Wildlife and Tidal Bores.

On land and underwater I shoot with OM SYSTEM.

My travel and adventures have pushed gear to extremes, performing underwater, in hurricane force winds, dust storms, monsoons, freezing arctic temperatures & extreme heat. Some of my adventures:-

- Chasing tornadoes in the USA Plains (witnessed tornadoes up close)

- Chasing hurricanes (inside the eye of hurricane IKE)

- The North American monsoon (Yes they have monsoons in the USA!) 

- Extreme heat in Arizona, USA 

- Freezing Arctic storms and magical Aurora (Norway & Iceland)

- Space and Night sky subjects (A journey back in time, a vastness beyond comprehension, full of celestial objects like galaxies, stars, meteors, planets and the Moon).

- Scuba diving alongside breathtaking marine life and underwater landscapes.

I have worked with many TV clients such as the BBC, ITV, Ch 4, Ch 5, Virgin and featured on programmes such as Natures Fury,    Gethin Jones Danger HuntersInside Out, This Morning, Richard & Judy showEast Midlands Today and Central News. I have also exhibited at Tate Modern and Olympus Inheritance exhibitions. My elemental photographs have been published around the world and I have written many articles providing reportage, reviews and photojournalism for the National newspapers and magazines. 

I have also published some 'How to' Photography Guides for the more technical challenges.

I have an online e-store called LandnWater hosted by MadeMe.

In early 2022 I started trading  with NFT.  Buying my NFT creations allows you sell (for profit), trade or transfer the NFT (donation). It is an exciting area for photographers and their art.  I trade on a couple of NFT market place sites - OpenSea and Foundation

Olympus Inheritance exhibition - Media ad

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