Low-No Light Project, Winter 15/16 - markhumpage
ISS wide angle

ISS wide angle

International Space Station (ISS) flyby over UK skies.
This is a wide angle composite image comprising 30 long exposures captured in an evening overnight flyby. This shot captures the 2055hrs pass.

To capture this, firstly using the excellent GoSatWatch phone app, I was able to find the time and direction of the flyby (Almost always west to east). The flyby was also directly overhead, which required an extremely wide angle lens to capture land & sky - In this case the Olympus f1.8 8mm fisheye was perfect. I located a very simple clutter free foreground subject (open field) gauging where the ISS would rise from horizon & finish (using the app). I mounted the camera on a tripod and set up the composition such that the ISS would rise in the west (right side of image) and move across horizon to the East (left side of image). Set the focus to manual and shoot a few test images to ensure subject fits & is level (using LCD screen). Once I was happy with the composition and using the remote cable (set to lock - which forces the camera to shoot continuous exposures) I waited for the ISS to come into view & set the camera off. The foreground field was lit up using a technique called light painting. During the first few exposures I shone a strong torch over the field and 'painted' with light. This helps bring daylight to a 'No Light' scene.

I then took the camera back indoors & transferred 30 images (High res JPEG) to MAC and imported in StarStax software. This very useful (& free) software easily produces a single composite image.

The resulting image reveals over 5 mins of the Space Station flying overhead. Not only does it look good on camera it is also a spectacle to watch with the naked eye. Download the app, go outside & look up....it's that easy :-)

CAMERA: Olympus OM-D, E-M5II
ACCESSORIES: Olympus Remote Control RM-UC1
SETTINGS: Manual, ISO 250, F2, 8ss. Resolution LN (4608 x 3456)

TIP: Look for a good foreground subject that allows a full west to east horizon.

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