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Welcome to my 'Book of Brilliant things'.

I'm an Elemental Photographer, seasoned Stormchaser and writer from Leicestershire in the UK. I have been fortunate to witness and capture some of the most beautiful extremes of Mother Nature - Tornadoes, Monsoons, Hurricanes, Aurora, Tidal Bores & Night Sky. I currently shoot with the Olympus OM-D 'E' system. Extreme is my world.

TV clients include BBC, ITV, Ch 4, Ch 5 & Virgin Media. Public exhibitions include Tate Modern and Olympus 'Inheritance'. My elemental photographs and articles have been published globally. I have been a judge for the British Weather Photographer of the Year competition and I have provided expert advice/images for BBC's Great British Weather series. Commissions, talks or TV enquiries do get in touch.